Life changing rituals

Our health is directly linked to the rituals or routines we live by.

Rituals are meant to be symbolic activities that help us and express our deepest feelings about life's most important events , they are also guidelines that create more balance in life.


You might need a change of routine/ritual in your life if :

* You wake up every day feeling like something is off but you don't know what it is

* You feel disconnected from yourself

* Your external reality is not matching up with what you desire

* You are getting sick a lot

* You have mood swings

* You struggle with anxiety


In many indigenous cultures all over the world, ritual is seen as a tool for healing because they understand the power in repetition and intent.

Ritual healing accounts for a very large part of the actual healthcare system in these places.


You cannot compare it with mainstream western psychiatry since psychiatry is deeply influenced by the ideology of individualism,

this is a completely different viewpoint from indigenous understandings that sees an individual as part of a collective mechanism that is indistinct from one’s spirituality.

But how do we incorporate healing routines into our day to day life in a western community built upon separation from (source/God) and others?

1) Awareness

We start by bringing awareness to our rituals on a daily basis and evaluate if they are contributing to our well-being or not.

When we have distinguished this, we will get a better understanding of the rituals or routines we need to implement into our lives to better it.

2) Create an altar for yourself

I always tell my clients that the altar they create and decorate for themselves is a safe space for there inner world that is represented in the external world.

Through trauma and pressure from society, a lot of people consciously and/or subconsciously feel like they are not in tune with what they really want for their lives. I encourage them to create a place they can go to (altar) and talk with the deepest aspect of themselves that call for attention.

This will help to find an anchor within yourself that is a reference point to your most authentic feelings and desires in life.

I always represent the 4 elements of nature (earth, wind, fire, and air) on my altar along with relatives who have passed that are dear to me along with candles, healing sage, and san paolo wood to cleanse the energy and space.

3) Ceremony

Try to implement intentional ceremony into your life. Ceremony is an essential part of healing, because physical and spiritual health is intimately connected, body and spirit must heal together.

Healing ceremonies promote wellness by reflecting on:

* Mental Health

* Goal Setting

* Happiness

* Relationships

* Family Life

A ceremony doesn't have to be a whole festival of practices either,

- lighting some incense and a candle at your altar and reflecting on or start your day

- taking a work break and making some tea to get your mind off things

- lighting a candle for a loved one who is ill or who has passed on

- taking a walk in nature without electronics

- when waking up, setting your intentions (what and how you want your day to go )

and stretching before touching any electronics

- dance ecstatically by yourself ......

- saying a mantra for yourself when you wake up or feel down

All of this accounts for a ritual, it’s all about your interest and what will apply more light and balance to your life.


Sharing rituals with others is a healthy by-product of feeling the results of these day to day practices.


I hope you find the not so balanced rituals in your life and replace them with life-enhancing routines to create more balance and connection in your life.

Elvira Ocran