Mythology is the divine science of our ancestors.

To get a deeper understanding of the power of the various African Tools to mental freedom i found a lot of answers in the fundamental values of African traditional medicine/spirituality. A mythology / philosophy that appears to be interconnected with more different indigenous beliefs that can be found around the world.

These are well-founded in the ideology that we are all collectively connected , and therefore we can collectively give direction to the going and standing of our world by focusing on intent and taking action in our physical reality.

In order to realize this intention there has to be a cooperation with your spirit to consciously create your own reality.

However, we have lost this connection to spirit as humanity, partly due to strategic collective trauma (war, oppression, slavery, brainwash through media, financial ratrace, etc.).

I myself see war as a strategy for controlling the mind, because as it is already described scientifically, the mind is easier to program or reprogram after a profound trauma, this is the basis of mind control.

Not only has there been a separation between people but also between spirit and body, this chronic survival state of being has left generative scars that we can only heal by remembering who we are.

What makes African mythology a key to unleashing our mind / is that it is grounded in connection between people and the devine order of this world, actually the blueprint (primal wisdom) of what it is to be human and its potential strength which we are not aware of , In other words; life, correlated with nature, spirit / mind and body.

How we implement this natural order in our lives is demonstrated through symbols and deities that possess qualities that we too can embody, these qualities give direction to our intentions (past), thoughts (present) and actions (future) and thus regain control of our minds that way we break the conditioning of separation of self, nature, others ....

Elvira Ocran